6 Simple Tips to Reduce Hairballs in Cats

6 Simple Tips to Reduce Hairballs in Cats

Cat Hairball

If you have a cat in your house, you might have sometimes seen her quivering while making hacking and gagging noises. The next moment, she vomits a small tubular slimy ball of fur on the floor. This is most likely a hairball, which gets collected in your cat’s stomach every time she grooms herself.

Hairballs are only harmless to cats till they can cough it out each time. When the hairballs are too large to be vomited out, they can cause intestinal blockage in the cats, posing a deadly threat. This is why you should eliminate the problems of hairballs in them.

Here are 6 simple yet highly effective ways to do it,

Grooming your cat regularly, especially during the high shedding season is a must. You can use a fine-quality cat brush to remove the loose and dead hair from your cat’s coat before your cats ingest it. Since hairballs are generally caused by too much loose hair, brushing your cats is one of the best methods to remove this problem.

By learning how to exercise your cat, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of hairballs in them. Good physical activity keeps your cat’s digestive working efficiently, keeping the hair moving through their system instead of getting clumped. Buy your cats some engaging interactive cat toys which will keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

  • Feed them a Hairball-Control Diet

If your cats have already a hairball problem, consider buying them a hairball-control cat food. These foods are rich in fibre which makes the hair move through the digestive tract and increases enzyme activity that breaks down the hair. You may also consult with your vet to ensure that the hairball-formula cat foods are ideal for your feline.

  • Discourage Obsessive Grooming

Sometimes cats indulge in excessive self-grooming if they are bored or stressed. Playing with your cat regularly will prevent them from getting bored, and also take their attention away from grooming. If you think your cat is still indulging in over-grooming, schedule an appointment with your vet to rule out any medical conditions.

  • Give them Plenty of Water

Ensure that your cat’s water bowl is full and make sure that they are well-hydrated at all times. If your cat is not drinking enough water, it will be harder for them to digest food properly and also to eliminate the hairballs. If your cat shows reluctance to drink enough water, you can consider buying a cat water fountain. This is an excellent solution to keep the cats well-hydrated since they mimic the flow of a fresh, running stream which makes the water more appealing. This makes your cats drink from it more frequently.

  • Observe Your Cat’s Environment

If your cats like eating small items from the floor like threads, papers etc, eliminate these objects from the room without any delay. When your cats ingest these items, it leads to unusual hairball production. Not to forget, it can also cause life-threatening consequences for your cats as well.

In a Nutshell,

These are six excellent tips to prevent and eliminate the problems of hairballs in your cats. Also, ensure that you are feeding them high-quality food and offering plenty of water. However, if they are showing signs like a lack of appetite and vomiting too much hairballs, take them to the veterinarian without any delay.

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